7443 Dimmick Rd, West Chester Township, OH 45069

Formerly known as American Bark Park


Dogtown is a local, kennel-free doggie daycare and boarding business serving the Greater Cincinnati Area! Dogtown is open 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, making it Cincinnati’s most flexible pet care service! Unlike traditional kennels, Dogtown does not leave dogs overnight in cold, concrete enclosures–instead, dogs get to enjoy being part of a pack all day long! So, they play all day, and cuddle with friends (and a friendly person) at night! You do not have to feel guilty about leaving your dog while you work or travel, and you can always check in on how they’re doing by viewing our high-quality webcams!

About the West Chester Location

We get a lot of requests for Dogtowns in different areas in Cincinnati and in other cities.  We received hundreds from West Chester! The people West Chester have made clear that they wanted a Dogtown closer to home/work, with 24 hour service, and without kennels! This location is close to West Chester Hospitals, Mason P&G, Sharonville, I-75 and I-275 and more! Dogtowns are 24-hour, kennel-free, practice transparency with our live webcams, provide outdoor access to dogs daily, and more. These are the some of the core principles that we stand for!  So all additional locations will uphold all of those principles.

American Bark Park has joined the Dogtown Family!

Now with Dogtown’s 24 hour service, we never close! Other new features include live webcams and kennel-free boarding.



The West Chester location serves: Liberty Township, Butler County, West Chester, Mason, Lebanon, Sharonville, Fairfield, Hamilton, and more. Our dog daycare will be 8 minutes away from West Chester Hospital, 9 minutes away from Proctor & Gamble Mason, Ikea, and close to other Northern Cincinnati residents and work sites, and will serve people who work long or late hours.

Zip Codes: 45014, 45011, 45236, 45240, 45013, 45249, 45040

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