Doggie Daycare

Daycare is for your pet during your work shifts. Daycare is available any time during the day or evening due to our unlimited hours of service!  Dog daycare is our most used and desired service.  At Dogtown, dogs partake in daycare all day long, with a 2 hour nap in the middle of the day for most dogs.  Daycare is the social center of this dog town.

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Kennel-Free Boarding

NO-KENNEL boarding is for your pets while you travel and you need to leave your dog overnight.  Your dogs will always be in the company of humans and in a social environment–even while sleeping! Pets will never be cooped up in individual kennels or apartments.

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Dogtown has a full grooming salon with a wonderful team of groomers available for your needs. Whether you need a bath, a trim-up, a full groom, or just a nail trim, we have you covered.

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Walks/Pick-Ups and Drop-Offs

Dogtown adds even more convenience for you by offering walks both in your home and at Dogtown, and we also offer pick up and drop off service within a certain radius around the stores.

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Dogtown sells a variety of products. We will also order products you desire if we are able to!

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Specialized Daycare, Boarding, & Dog Training

Dog Training (Coming Soon)


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