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The Western Hills Dogtown opening schedule is likely delayed.  Our Anderson location is still young and we are waiting for it to obtain a solid customer base.  Once it gets to that point we will be applying for Western Hills financing.  We have architectural plans complete and are ready to go as soon as we get financed OR find investors.  Which we are entertaining currently. If you are interested in investing, click the link above.

Click Here if You Are Interested in Investing

The people of the West Side have spoken!

We are working on opening a location in Western Hills.

As long as we get a good response from people on the West Side about wanting to use our services, we expect opening a West Side location in 2018 or 2019 Depending on several different factors. Sign up below to receive information about our opening and to receive our early sign-up discount once we get closer to the grand opening!

About the Western Hills Location

Dogtown Western Hills is Dogtown’s second satellite location!  It is working together with the original Uptown location to provide a much needed west side playroom.  We get a lot of requests for Dogtowns in different areas in Cincinnati and in other cities.  The West side was the most under-served community as far as pet boarding and daycare goes.

Dogtowns are 24-hour and kennel-free, as these are the core principles that we stand for!  So any additional locations will also keep with those principles.  As you can imagine, with our extensive staffing, as well as heavy dependence on a reliable staff, we spend far more than our competitors on employee benefits, higher pay, and of course, 24-hour staffing, so coming to new locations while maintaining our principle values will be a delightful challenge for us!

Remember, if you think your area needs a Dogtown playroom, or if you are currently going out of your way for Dogtown, let us know below.  We are seriously considering how we can bring our awesome services to more people! Thank you to all of our customers for helping make Dogtown such a special place to work!

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