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Getting Set Up to Use Dogtown’s Services is a Two-Step Process.

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We want to make sure you are ready for doggie daycare, that you understand the risks, and that you have an idea about how Dogtown’s policies are laid out.  Please read below. Once you scroll to the bottom, you will be able to sign our “Customer Information & Liability Waiver” Document.

Worried About Your Dog Getting Hurt in Daycare?

The reality of dog daycare is that dogs ARE animals, they do play rough, and at times scuffle, and worse, sometimes get into fights which cause injury.

Before bringing your dog to daycare, please decide if you can afford & accept injuries to your pet, view our liability waiver, and understand that occasional injuries in a large doggie daycare environment are inevitable and natural. We cannot watch every dog at every moment or notice every injury right away. In fact, the vast majority of injuries occur during regular play, and sometimes, the dogs do not change their behavior or even make a noise when an injury occurs.  Instead, they just keep on playing!

We are not veterinarians or veterinary technicians.  However, we methodically and intentionally check on and note the well being of your pet throughout the day to make sure we see anything that might be wrong with your dog.

If we believe an injury to your pet is minor we do not call you unless we believe to the best of our knowledge that it needs immediate vet attention.

If we believe your dog has a substantial enough injury that vet care is required, depending on the severity, we will either call you to ask you what you would like us to do, or in the event that it is major, we may take your dog to the vet immediately without consent.

New Dog Restrictions

New dogs may be required to attend up to 3 successful daycare sessions before boarding.  Dogs from out of town will not be given exception.  Unfortunately holiday boarding priority will be given to regular daycare clients first.  We do not accept dogs that are just passing through town and ask that you quarantine your dogs for 2 weeks before bringing them to daycare if you are just moving to the city.

How Does Dogtown Reduce the Risk?

It is impossible to prevent all injuries and illnesses from happening to your dog.  Like children, getting your dog out in a social environment presents risk.

We have several ways we help reduce injuries to pets.

1. We evaluate dogs for temperament.  A dog who may pass initially may be banned later if bad behavior arises.  Certain problematic breeds are more harshly judged on behavior due to their ability and tendency to cause harm as a result of breeding.

2. Our employees go through intensive training on dog behavior.

3. We separate dogs by temperament and roughly by size.

4. Dogs boarding or in full daycare days take a 2 hour nap to recharge.

5. We have a handler watching the dogs at all times in daycare and a handler who stays with the dogs at night.

6. We do a daily Wellness Check on all dogs in our care multiple times daily and keep track of each dog’s well-being.

Don’t think our large group daycare is right for your dog?

We completely understand.  There is significantly less risk in a small daycare group or in a traditional kennel.  With smaller groups or kennel, a human handler can focus in on the dogs much more easily, or isolate the dogs to prevent injury.

Ready to join us?

All customers who wish to use Dogtown services must read and sign the waiver:


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