A few things to know before you begin

Evaluation Required: We only offer services to friendly dogs. All customers must sign a liability waiver as well. If you are interested in using multiple locations, you will need to enroll at each location where you plan to bring your dog. However, each dog will only need ONE evaluation. Click Here for Enrollment Requirements and Pricing. 

Cards on File: Our customers generally keep credit cards on file.  If you would like to tip, you’ll need to let the employee know.  Tipping is optional.  Click here for a guide on how people in this industry ordinarily tip.

We offer valet service: Once you are enrolled, feel free to pull right up to the front door when picking up and dropping off.  You may need to call when you arrive. Please call ahead if you would like your dog brought up front or outside at pick up.

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We have received so many requests for new locations…

The more we hear from you, the more we will consider the most requested locations, we really take into account the number of unique requests. We had so many requests for the West Side, West Chester, and Northern Kentucky that we prioritized those as our 3rd, 4th, and 5th locations. We want to be the most convenient for our customers.  If you and your neighbors want a Dogtown, show us!

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We are Always Having a Blast at Dogtown!

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WOW! We are celebrating Dogtown's 10th Anniversary this May!

- $25 spa specials for the month of May with daycare visit! Sign up while there's space!

- $2/day off any NEW MEMBERSHIP sign up!

- Goodies & SURPRISE COUPONS DAILY during the week of May 10-14 for all daycare attendees!

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