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Dogtown’s Training Philosophy

At Dogtown, the positive methods we use foster companionship and healthy communication between dogs and their owners.  Punishment methods come with the risk of inadvertently creating aggressive behaviors, and the long-term effects can be damaging and irreversible in dogs.  Our goal is to help pet parents and dogs obtain life-long skills that will make their relationship the best it can be. We can work with pet parents to help address all kinds of everyday problems, from learning basic obedience, to controlling impulses, and to even solving more complex issues.

Our trainer conducts training evaluations with pets and owners to determine the training path that is best for the specific dog. The training evaluation includes a meet-and-greet with the trainer, a discussion about some of the problems the owner is having with their dogs, and the goals the parents have for their dogs.  Once the trainer understands the wants and needs of the parents, together the trainer and parents will devise a plan of action for training.

All training sessions are scheduled with the trainer based on the pet parents’ needs, and the needs of the dog.  However, the way we train is flexible, and the trainer will work with the parent’s busy schedule as much as possible.


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Current Classes


CALL: Our director of training’s direct line is (513) 587-9800‬. Feel free to call with questions or schedule an evaluation.

EMAIL: Or, if you prefer, our trainer’s email is donna.moore@dogtowncincinnati.com

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Training Services

  • Group Training Classes (Group training classes are for dogs, puppies, and parents to learn commands and socialization within a group, based on a specific curriculum designed by our trainer.  The group training classes we offer are: Impulse Control 101, Puppy Kindergarten, Puppy Pre-Teen, AKC Star Puppy, CGC Readiness, and Basics.) Click here for current dog training classes.
  • Board-and-Train or Daycare-and-Train Programs (This is a consecutive number of days that a dog comes in to Dogtown to do intensive training programs, designed with specific goals in mind.  Dogs that qualify, while not in training, will be kennel-free in daycare and boarding.)
  • In-Daycare Private Sessions (These are 45- to 50-minute of scheduled training sessions with dogs, geared toward learning new tricks and commands.  The dog will be pulled out of daycare multiple times while the owner is not present to engage in individually tailored training sessions.  While the dog is not training, s/he will be in daycare).
  • Private Training Sessions (These are 45- to 50-minute scheduled sessions with dog and parent(s).  These sessions are geared toward teaching parents how to handle their dog and address behavioral problems specific to the dog.  These sessions normally take place here at Dogtown.  We also offer in-home training sessions for certain types of problems and certain kind of dogs.  In-home sessions, however, have an additional travel fee associated with them.)
  • Field Trips (For times when dogs need behavioral work outside of Dogtown because of certain types of issues, field trips are a way the trainer can work on those issues in the environment where the issue is prominent.  Field trips are 45- to 50- minute proofing sessions which will be important for helping reinforce certain types of behaviors in new environments.)
  • Behavioral Daycare (When dogs are not doing well in regular daycare, if eligible, we offer small behavioral daycare. With behavioral daycare, dogs get short daycare sessions with small groups of dogs.  These sessions are supervised by a trainer, and they are focused on socialization issues dogs have in daycare.)
  • Polishing Sessions (These are single short sessions in daycare designed to help busy pet parents maintain behaviors dogs previously learned in training.  The trainer will take the dog out of daycare each day and work on the commands the dog already knows.  This is a great way for dogs to practice and prevents them from losing all their valuable training.  It can be added onto any daycare membership or purchased as a package to be used at daycare, or during a boarding stay.)

Unless agreed upon with and deemed necessary by the trainer for your dog to stay in a kennel, your dog will not be kenneled. Dogtown is kennel-free, and so, during board-and-train or day training, while not actively in training, your dog will partake in daycare and kennel-free boarding with the rest of the group. Therefore, your dog must meet all the evaluation requirements to partake in those added services, including a daycare evaluation. Proper vaccinations are required for all services regardless. See our enrollment page for daycare/boarding enrollment requirements.

Please note, training evaluations and daycare evaluations are two different events. See our enrollment page for daycare/boarding enrollment requirements.

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Group Classes Descriptions:

Click here for current dog training classes


Puppy Kindergarten
This course is for puppies 2 to 6 months. Basic manners, socialization, and basic commands such as sit, down, and stay will be included in this course. It is a 5 week course

Puppy Pre-teen
This course is for puppies 7-12 months who have no prior training.  Basic manners and commands are included in this class. It is a 5 week course.

Basic Obedience Class
This course is for dogs over a year that lack any training background.  This course will review basic commands such as sit, down, come, and leave it, as well as learning additional commands, house manners, loose leash walking, and problem solving. It is a 7 week course.

Impulse Control 101
This course is for dogs of all ages with a basic commands under their belt. This course will involve helping owners to maintain focus, teaching dogs to stay calm in unfamiliar and exciting environments, and learning despite increased distractions. It is a 7 week course.

Click here for current dog training classes

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All sessions should be scheduled in advance because our trainer’s schedule fills up quickly, preferably with weekly or daily recurring schedule. Cancellations with less than 2 days notice result in lost session

Dog Training Pricing

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