It’s not just a daycare…it’s DOGTOWN!


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Dogtown was opened in Cincinnati by a native of Cincinnati.  It is a small local business, although it has been mistaken as a large business or franchise–it is neither.  The suite of services that this company offers has been carefully designed to provide the best services possible to the most hard-working, loving pet owners out there!  Pet owners deserve flexibility and the peace of mind of knowing their beloved family members will not be locked up overnight, isolated and alone, in cold concrete enclosures.

Dogtown dares to be more than just a traditional doggie daycare or kennel.  While many competitors will claim to treat your pets like family, we prove with the unheard-of features and services we offer that we truly believe that pets should not be treated like property.  Rather, we think pets should get the same love and attention that a family member would receive, because even though we are not the same species, our pets are absolutely important members of our families.


We never close

One of Dogtown’s biggest advantages is that we never close, so we are here to lend a hand with taking care of your beloved family member, no matter what you work schedule is, or whatever life throws at you. We want our customers to be able to do sporadic things that come up at the last minute, like happy hours with co-workers, or a ball game with friends without feeling guilty about leaving your dog home all alone.  No matter what life throws you, Dogtown is here to support your best life! We love it when customers really can benefit from our round-the-clock service.  Having a pet and having a life is now possible!

Valet Service

When you’re on your way to work in the morning, the last thing you want to do is rush, so we do our best to come out to your car to get your dog when you drop off! We encourage our customers to pull right up to the front door–There is no need to park! All payments are taken care of at pick up!

Kennel-Free / Home Like


We do not operate anything like a traditional kennel.  At Dogtown, dogs are roaming free all day being social.  They run around in playrooms all day, go outside to play and go potty, and snuggle with other dogs and a person at night! This set up is very unusual in our industry.  We are not fans of locking dogs up in kennels at night and leaving them there to get stressed out and lonely.

Outdoor Yard

It might sound basic, but most dog daycares do NOT have outside yards. So, they expect your dog to go inside! At Dogtown, dogs go outside approximately every two hours as a group! Dogs love going outside and they stay out for longer periods of time if it is nice outside. In the summer we put out pools and let the dogs splash around, having the time of their lives!

Live Webcams

At Dogtown, we have a strong transparency policy.  Nearly every inch of the facility is covered by one of our  high-quality webcams.  We also ask for your feedback about what’s happening on the webcam so we can address any issues should they arise.  You can watch your dog from anywhere in the world!

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An Area for Toy & Small Breeds

We have a separate area for small breeds because they prefer to play with dog that are around their own size.  It’s also important for their own safety!


An Area for Calm Seniors

Whenever you come into Dogtown, you’ll see lots of dogs laying around at the front desk.  We have an awesome lounge area for the senior dogs who do not necessarily need to be in daycare all day.  We love our senior greeters!


Thanks for taking the time to learn about Dogtown’s features and benefits.

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Watch the video below to get a brief overview of what we do here, and then scroll down to learn more about some of the unique features that make Dogtown so special.

We have received TONS of requests for new locations. The front runners currently are: Northern Kentucky, West Chester, Montgomery, and Mason.

Rest assured, we are scoping out all of these areas for Dogtown’s future. We also have a significant number of requests for other areas in- and out-of-town with significant demand. The more we hear from you, the more we will push to move on the most requested locations, we really take into account the number of unique requests. Thank you for your overwhelming input! We will keep everyone who made requests updated when we make definite steps toward opening any new location. Fill out the survey below if you wish Dogtown was near you:

We are Always Having a Blast at Dogtown!

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WOW! We are celebrating Dogtown's 10th Anniversary this May!

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