Dogs of The Month

We are excited to announce the dog of the month for each of our stores!

Dogtown Cincinnati

Loki is loved by every single pack leader. He is the sweetest boy and we have had a blast watching him grow up. He still is the biggest Teddy Bear and loves all the attention he can get!

Dogtown Erlanger

This is Pheobe! She stays frequently with us and is an employee favorite! She has such a sweet personality and always makes us laugh when she howls for attention. She loves climbing on your shoulders to get as close as possible to you. We love her!

Dogtown Huber Heights

Thor has been coming to us since he was just a little munchkin. He is always so happy to be at daycare. He is a big loving puppy!

Dogtown West Chester

Meet Waffle! He is goofy and sweet and all things wonderful. He loves sunbathing, treats, but most of all cuddles. He’s not a morning doggo so if he’s boarding you can bet he’ll be the last to get out of the bed 😉

Dogtown Anderson

Milo’s such a good boy and comes to play with us all the time ! He’s a great dog and we absolutely adore this boy!

Dogtown West Side

Gus is a 2 year old beagle that is always the first to make a new friend. He loves to be outside and to play with the pack leaders. He is the best napping companion because he’s the biggest cuddle bug!

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