Kelion is Uptown’s Employee of the Month! – February 2019

Meet this month’s employee of the month!

Every month, we call out one awesome Dogtown employee at each of our locations.  Get to know this month’s employee of the month, and don’t forget to say “Hi!” and “Congrats!” at the store! Each employee gets a prize for being so great.  Dogtown would not be the same without our amazing staff!

Uptown Employee of the Month

The February 2019 Employee of the Month is Kelion!!


The February 2019 Employee of the Month is Kelion!

Kelion is a joy to work with and always possesses such a positive attitude. His favorite part about work is Dogtown’s family like atmosphere. He also enjoys when the dogs come up to greet him and show their love and affection. Being from California, Kelion had six dogs and expresses how much being apart of the Dogtown dog’s lives means to him. Although he is currently dogless, working at Dogtown gives him his dog fix! Outside of work, Kelion enjoys playing video games, skateboarding, practicing martial arts and tae kwon do.

Thanks for everything, Kelion! We are so happy to call you a part of our Dogtown family!

It’s not just a daycare, it’s DOGTOWN!!!


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