Adopt Me! Jackson (Courtesy Post)

Meet Jackson!

Jackson is a lab mix looking for a home because of the sudden loss of his dad. He is a cuddly, goofy man of around 8 years old. He is a bit greedy when it comes to his food, but who isn’t? He gets along with other dogs. It’s better if the dogs are passive. He gets anxious when alone even with other dogs around and needs to be crated. He is very good about going potty outside and is very smart. He deserves to be loved for the remainder of his life and we hope we can help him find that.

Jackson-01.pngThis is a courtesy post.  Jackson is with a foster family.  Please call Claire directly at 513-693-1781 with Questions.  Dogtown does not have any additional information on this boy, so don’t contact us!

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