Meet Maya! She’s Adopted!

Maya the Cat is Adoptable ADOPTED!

Maya was a victim 2018 flooding in New Richmond. Her owners lost their home when it flooded.  She was in a home with several cats and dogs before they all lost their home.  She has been living at Dogtown since then.  She went home for a few weeks with one of our employees to see how she would be in a home, so we could relay that information to potential adopters. She is a wonderful cat!


First of all, she loves dogs!  Maya has absolutely no problem with dogs.  She is also around other cats all the time in the cat room, and really doesn’t care much about them.  She was very cautious with invading the space of the cat she stayed with for a few weeks, and she was not too excited when the other cat wanted to play.

The second thing you need to know about Maya is she is super cuddly.  She wants to sit on your lap constantly, and if you put her down, she will literally climb up into your arms to be help. It’s quite endearing!  She really really loves affection.  She also wants to sleep near you.  She will make you lift the covers so she can crawl underneath and sleep all night as close to you as she can possibly be!

Maya was allowed to go outside on her trial run. She stayed very close to the house, and didn’t go out of the yard, but she did enjoy basking in the sunshine during the day.  She is litter box trained, but will also go exclusively outside if the litter box is taken away.

This is a really good, lovable, tiny cat.  She has big beautiful eyes and amazing colors.  She looks like a tiger striped Siamese cat.  She is so adorable and deserves someone who will cuddle with her to her heart’s content!

Ask a manager if you are interested in adopting Maya!

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