(1) Heat Advisory: It's HOT! Do not Leave Dogs in Hot Cars &

Avoid Long Amounts of Time Outdoors! (2) Fireworks: Don't let Your

Dogs Get Stressed Out by Fireworks. Bring Them to Dogtown!




NAPS: Dogs Nap for 2 hours per day.   Most dogs are present for 9-12 hours, giving them 7-10 hours per day of activity.  Thats a lot of activity for any body!  Naps are extremely vitally important for dog safety.  A tired cranky dog may be a dangerous dog. Also, some dogs may be given extra nap time if they are boarding, seem tired, are cranky, or are elderly.  Owners are welcome to request their dog NOT get naps and we will oblige.  Dogs who arrive later in the morning may not get a nap, and dogs who are uninterested in napping get removed and sent back to daycare so everyone else can sleep.  Dogs that are crated due to a possibility of several factors including (1) by owner request (2) based on behavior if the owner consented to the dog being crated or crate trained (3) if there is a safety concern.  All dogs are crated for a short time for meals unless the dog fervently objects or will not eat, at which time they are fed outside of a crate, and hand fed if necessary.  Every dog is treated individually.  Late at night there is often only one person working and the sleepy dogs, if trusted, may be left alone momentarily, but also realize that the employee has a monitor which s/he watches the those dogs if s/he has to go up front to speak to a customer for a moment.


OUTDOOR TIME: Dogs go outside approximately every 1 to 2 hours.  Dogtown has to make sure we are courteous to our neighbors so going outside is primarily about going to the bathroom and NOT playing. Therefore, dogs go out and back in quickly, so if you miss them being outside on camera, that is probably why.  No outdoor breaks have ever been missed.  Lastly, toy breeds at the Anderson location have a turf potty pad in their indoor area and so they go outside in the morning and the evening, but due to large number of dogs mid-day, toy breeds go out less often during that time in Anderson.


TOYS: Toys are put out in the playrooms under certain conditions.  Toys will be removed depending on several factors: (1) the particular experience and skill level of the handler in charge (2) if certain dogs are present who get too neurotic about the toys, (3) if the toys are causing too many fights.


SURVEYS: Our customers are our second set of eyes on our anonymous surveys and we love for you tell tell us if anything seems off or needs to be fixed.  Managers get the surveys immediately and fix problems right away.  However, our employees work so hard all day on their feet entertaining these dogs, cleaning up, making sure every dog gets its exact meals correct, making sure dogs get requested or needed extra breaks, making sure the right dogs get a nap or no-nap, and there are many other special needs that dogs have that we take care of as well.  Please provide opinions, but realize that attacking the employees really gets them down and does no good, especially when they doing their job as trained.


Also, things happening on the webcams may appear differently than the actually are, and an entire day cannot be judged by a quick check-in.  In other words, there is a bigger picture and decisions being made at all times during the store. We are people and do make mistakes and cannot be 100% perfect all the time.  So while we appreciate constructive criticism, if there is a serious complaint or criticism you would like to communicate, please contact a manager so we can address it directly.  We are always open for communication.


None of our competitors have the high quality maximum-reach cameras, staff supervising the dogs, or 24/7 care like Dogtown does, and we take that supervision and transparency very seriously.  We do not want to disappoint our customers and are very careful with our business decisions, but we also ask that customers be reasonable and talk to someone if something our business is doing doesn't make sense.  Your comments could spark change, and many comments have, or perhaps it can give us an opportunity to explain our approaches better.


Thank you for being amazing customers!