(1) Heat Advisory: It's HOT! Do not Leave Dogs in Hot Cars &

Avoid Long Amounts of Time Outdoors! (2) Fireworks: Don't let Your

Dogs Get Stressed Out by Fireworks. Bring Them to Dogtown!




  • Around 5AM, boarding dogs wake up and go outside, are fed breakfast, and then go to daycare around 6AM.
  • Large dogs go outside and upstairs around 7AM.
  • Each group goes outside for about 10-15 minutes, starting at 8AM, in shifts.
  • Each group goes outside for about 10-15 minutes, starting at 10AM, in shifts.
  • Between 11AM-12PM, the 2nd floor dogs come downstairs, go outside, eat lunch and go to nap time from 12PM-2PM (Typically napping in the Green Room).
  • Around 12:30-12:45 1st floor dogs go outside, prior to nap which is 1:30PM-3:30PM (Typically napping in the blue room).
  • At 2PM, 2nd floor dogs wake up from nap time, go outside, and go back upstairs.
  • At 3:30PM 1st floor dogs wake up from nap time and go outside.
  • After dinner, which starts around 4PM and finishes usually by 5:30PM, each group gets taken outside. (Busy holidays dinner may take longer).
  • Between 6PM and 7PM, all dogs usually get brought down to the 1st floor and go outside while that transition is happening, in shifts.
  • All dogs go out one last time before bed time between 8PM and 9PM
  • Between 8PM and 9PM, all dogs go to the boarding room(s) to sleep.




NOTE: At the Uptown location, we have residential neighbors so the dogs do not go outside for any longer than it takes them to go potty, and then they go back inside.  If it is raining, snowing, very hot, or very cold, dogs may go out less often and for shorter periods.  We adjust based on weather and how the dogs and handlers feel in the weather.  Occasionally, if the group is behaving and the weather is good, the dogs will stay outside longer to play and swim.  We have to play this by ear.  Because we want to be respectful of our neighbors, if the dogs are barking outside and not behaving, they must go back inside.  Dogs at the front desk go outside, usually at shift changes. (Typically between 9AM and 10AM, between 1PM and 2PM, between 4PM and 5PM, and again before bedtime between 7PM and 8PM.  They also go outside if they ask to or if there are any accidents.  There is no exact schedule for front desk dogs).





With our live webcams, you can watch what your pets are up to at Dogtown Cincinnati from anywhere in the world! Webcams give you peace of mind when you are away and your dog is staying at Dogtown. Scroll down and choose a room below to view our webcams!

Apple users: If the cameras are asking you for a login & are not working, please go to your Internet settings and change your "block cookies" setting to "never" or on Safari set cookies to "Always Allow."