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NO-KENNEL boarding is for your pets while you travel and you need to leave your dog overnight.  Your dogs will always be in the company of humans and in a social environment–even while sleeping! Pets will never be cooped up in individual kennels or apartments.

Kennel-free boarding is a unique service that we offer to our clients.  Dogs stay in group rooms with a human, so they never have to feel lonely, and it's reminiscent of home, complete with furniture, tvs, a person to snuggle with.

Click the "Live Webcams" button at the top of this website to check out what's going on at Dogtown right now.  Ready to enroll? Your dog will require an evaluation (4-12 hours long) before you board your dog for multiple days.  That's how we make sure your dog will do well in the group!  Just click the orange "Enroll Now" button above to follow the 4 steps to get enrolled!

Dogs must be over 12 weeks of age to attend daycare or to board at Dogtown.  If over 6 months old, dogs must be spayed or neutered.  In order to attend  daycare, dogs must have the following vaccines (including all boosters): Bordetella (kennel-cough,) Distemper/Parvo, and Rabies.  Dogs must have no fighting ring history or suspected history, no past history of aggression.  Dogtown is not a training facility and does not rehab and socialize dogs with problems.  Please talk to a manager to find out alternative options for your pet's care if your dog needs rehabilitation.


We strongly prefer that you schedule daycare and boarding online using the schedule services button at the top of this page.  If you do not have a customer login yet, please contact a supervisor or manager at Dogtown.  When scheduling your dog for services, you can input any meals or medicine that your dog will get, as well as give us an idea of about what times you are coming.  Last minute boarding may be accommodated, but please give us a call first or log into your account and schedule a boarding stay.  Dogs who are not yet evaluated will not be able to be boarded in last minute situations.


One of Dogtown's biggest advantages is that we never close, so we are here no matter what you work schedule is, or whatever life throws at you.


When you're on your way to work in the morning, the last thing you want to do is rush, so we come out to your car to get your dog when you drop off!


We don't operate like a traditional kennel.  At Dogtown, dogs are roaming free all day being social, go outside to play, and snuggle with a person at night!


It might sound basic, but  most dog daycares do NOT have outside yards.  So, they expect your dog to go inside!  At Dogtown, dogs go outside every hour!


At Dogtown, we have an open door policy.  Nearly every inch of the facility is covered by one of our fifteen high-quality webcams.  Watch your dog from anywhere!

Boarding Tips

TIP #1

All you need to bring is your dog and his/her food! We prefer that you portion the meals out into individual baggies with exact amounts. Treats are also allowed!

TIP #2

Please do not bring blankets or other personal items because they could get messed up by the group of dogs!  We have plenty of blankets here!

TIP #3

We feed and give dogs medicine on a schedule.  You choose the combination that works for you: breakfast (6:30AM), lunch (11:30AM), or dinner (4:30PM). Unfortunately, we CANNOT give your dog medicine or food and other times that are outside of our routine due to the risk of forgetting.  Dogs who are "grazers" will be offered food at all meals.

TIP #4

Sometimes dogs are excited or nervous and it's not uncommon for dogs to refuse to eat the first day or two while boarding.  This is normal, but please feel free to bring something (such as peanut butter or canned food) that we can add to your dogs food to help him/her eat better (this is optional.)  Dogs will eventually adjust and start eating but we will call you if your dog has refused food for an excessive amount of time.

TIP #5

Boarding can be purchased in a package to save you money.  Paying outright is the most expensive way to pay.  You can buy multiple days at a discounted rate (depending on the number of days you purchase) in a package and use them whenever you like.  Dogtown bills in quarters of the day, so if you go over the 24 hour mark on the last day, you will be charged a partial day! Packages are never refundable in whole or part.

Click the orange "Enroll Now" button at the top of this website to get started.  Follow the four steps necessary to get your dog signed up for daycare or boarding today!

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